Groningen, 2018

  • July 2018: Workshop 'The specific expertise of SW'ers working with people in poverty.'
  • March 2018: Scottish Borders 'The specific expertise of Social Workers'.
  • March 13, Erasmus Teching Hospital: The specific expertise of Clinical Social Workers.
  • October 2017: University of Lisbon 'The specific expertise of Social Workers'
  • June 2017, Paris. EASSW congress. Hope to do a survey with European Social Work lecturers about the Quality Standard Methods Instruction at European Schools of Social Work. Will a 'well-described SW-methods coat stand' for SW-skills training empower SW-education but in the end also SW'ers themselves and SW as a profession?
  • February 2017 the book 'Social Workers'Toolbox. Sustainable Multimethod Social Work.' was published by Routledge! Hope it will be of help for international social workers as it helped many Dutch-speaking social workers (bestseller in Holland and Belgium) protecting the sustainable Social Work practice.
  • June 2016: Victim Support Europe-congress (Utrecht) a workshop was given.
  • Sept. 2015 a workhop will be given at the IFSW-congress in Edinburgh about the Social Workers' Toolbox. 
  • Unfortunately, globally there continues to be an ongoing threat from terror-attacks and natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami. For victims of physical violence, terror attacks, wars and natural disasters, information about ‘traumatic losses’ can be very helpful. (see Publications). For the people suffering from small-scale traumatic losses this information can be of support to them.                                                                                                       
  • Good news: publication of Unfinished Business Syndrome (UBS) is well received by general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. Workshops, lectures and articles in journals are distributed. With UBS, perspective is achieved for clients who suffer unnecessarily and too long (sometimes over 60 years) with unexplained complaints. By stepping outside the box, there is evidence that many unexplained complaints relate to unfinished business (UB). Types of UB are unresolved losses, unresolved trauma, unresolved conflicts from the past, negative neglect and suppressive life periods. One chapter in the new revised edition of the book ‘The Science of Loss and Grief’ is about UBS. The UBS-approach from a stepped-care vision can give much relief to clients who are tired from medical/psychiatric and social shopping. Stepped care means that each related professional contributes from its own link in the care-chain, so to improve workings apart together for a loss-related case.

  • The acknowledgement amongst nurses and physicians of their own vulnerabilities is a good step. Nurses and doctors are not made of stone. Thus, I am training more general practitioners, medical specialists and nurses in how they effectively can support each other.

  • The workshop about Multi Method Social Work is prolonged has been extended, the new quality standard for the social workers’ toolbox. This new neta-model is being introduced nationally and internationally.

  • In September 2009, Elsevier published the third version of 'The social workers’ toolbox. client centered multi-method social work’ ISBN 978 903 523 08 66. This MM-SW-model offers a clear profile and overview of the rich theory and practice of Social Work.

  • In June 2010, UBS and Multi-method Social Work will be introduced at the World Social Work Congress in Hong Kong. In Stockholm this workshop was also offered  at the SW-World congress in 2014.

Herman de Mönnink


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