Multi Method Social Work


Sharing positive Dutch experiences with a well-organized and evidence based toolbox for social workers

After more than 25 years of lecturing at the Groningen School of Social Work (The Netherlands), in 1999 I asked my carpenter:
'What are the advantages of your beautiful and well-organized toolkit?'
The carpenter answered as follows:
‘I never miss a tool, because my tools are well-organized. Flexibly and efficiently, I can use the right tools at the right time for the right job to be done.’

This answer encouraged me to try to develop a well-organized Social Work Toolkit (SWT) with evidence based-tools.

After years of studying, testing, selecting and systematically defining the best practice methods from the rich 110 years history of Social Work, in 2004 this resulted in the Multi Method Social Work Toolkit (MM-SWT). Now, after 6 years of very positive work experiences of social workers in Holland, I am curious if this MM-SWT could be beneficial to international social work?

I am curious if international social work (and schools of social work) could benefit from MM-SWT and the encouraging experiences of many Dutch social workers. Perhaps we are capable to develop an international and scientifically based MM-SWT, while still respecting national, local and individual differences.  

From an international perspective, the MM-SWT could bring in Social Work Methods ‘unity in pluriformity’, respecting the autonomy of the individual social worker, local and national differences.  In certain respects Social Workers always will be:

a)  Like no other Social Workers (the level of the unique, individual Social Worker)

b)  Like some other Social Workers (the level of the local, national, regional group of Social Workers)

c)  Like all other Social Workers (the international level of the Social Work profession)

I would like to share the positive experiences and present the MM-SWT in a casework-format, to test the MM-SWT in an international audience asking your national, local and individual feedback. So if you are interested in a MMSW-workshop or a MMSW-presentation, feel free to send an email.

*) Mönnink, H.J. de (2010) The social worker’s toolbox. the Client Centered Multi Method Social Work..


More info: Overview of Multi Method Social Work (scheme)


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