Multi Method Social Work in action

Multi Method Social Work (MMSW) empowerment effects reported by MM-social workers


1. Geriatric social worker (Nursing home, outreaching)

My motivation for participating in the course is the knife cutting in three ways:

a. Can clients profit by having a social worker competent in evidence based social work methods?

b. Can the organisation profit from a social worker who is transparant in which goals are attained and how?

c. Can I (social worker) refind my motivation again for the social work profession, which I lost?

After the MMSW-course I can be clear: I definitely can answer these three questions positive!.


2. School social worker  

I can better present myself by the MMSW-model.  By a powerpoint presentation I had to study the content thoroughly and at last could inner it. My powerpoint presentation made my social work transparant for colleagues and general doctors in the local health center. MMSW prepared me for the work with loss & traumaexperiences of clients. By using the Personal Archive Cabinet (PAC), I have a clear work-approach and clients experience more order and peace  in their original chaos.  I work more effectively and use MMSW as standard-model in my work.


3. Medical social worker (hospital)

Multi method social work is: the social worker as a professional scanning and reducing the client-stressors and empowering the client-strenghts, together with the clients using methods and techniques I learned. This was missing in my original social work training. I look at clients as follows. Every men has the core-qualities of the bambu. The flexibility to react to life-changes but also the continuity of strenght - although life forces strongly bow it  from time to times. Using MMSW I learn clients to concentrate on these core qualities of flexibility and strength, which is a beautiful process to cooperate with the client in.

The simplicity and effectivity of the PAC as a basis and the clear way of clientregistration following PAC+PSA+PSI makes my practice based work easier.


4 General social work (local neigbourhood)

Before MMSW I experienced a sort of method-chaos, I could not find any order in my toolbox. During my original social worktraining I tried to collect as much as possible, but I could not say: this is how I can use it. With the help of MMSW-course I remembered a lot of methods and new methods were added. I had fun, it was helpful and very clear. MMSW made it possible to work from an overview in stead of losing myself in details. I know which methods to use when on which reason and can explain it. Like the cognitive and normalizing techniques. It is good sometimes to repeat that clients have normal reactions to critical, abnormal life-events..I remark the model is innered and I always have the multi-method toolbox with me.


5. Rehablitation social worker

Much learned, much exercised, acknowledgement of my existing competence, much laughter with the other students, enjoying the course, applying it directly to my social work practice. As a result I make myself much more clear in my reports and this gives me the structure I was looking for. At last: the best education  I ever took which brought theory and practice together,!


© H.J. de Mönnink, 2017