Grief support by Social Workers




Various professions like social workers in their work are confronted with people who suffer from loss. Loss is often related to death and dying. In the science of loss and grief, loss occurs as a result of death, but also divorce, illness, emigration, re-organization, infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption, or becoming parents of children with disabilities.  

Being confronted by loss is not always easy for professionals. How can they manage these sensitive situations, that confronts them with the vulnerability of life itself? How can they connect with questions and struggles in a proper way? How can they manage their own vulnerability?

The science of loss and grief systematizes the knowledge about life-cycle losses and grief, offers a multi-method grief counseling-approach and self care-techniques.  In 1980 Herman de Mönnink founded the science of loss and grief in the Netherlands.

Trainings, workshops and lectures are offered for different professions: nurses, social workers, psychologists, physicians, clergy, managers, police officers, firefighters, ambulance workers, HRM-workers, journalists.  
Herman has lectured in several countries: US, Canada, Norway, France, Colombia, Belgium.

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